Residency Showcase Comments from the Participants | 2015

"Meeting program directors/faculty and residents in my specialty was perhaps the most beneficial aspect of the event."

"The range of questions was great and addressed many of my questions. The moderator did a good job of keeping the panel well-paced and on track."

"The residents present were wonderful and very informative. Unfortunately they only represented one program."

"Learning about the programs, meeting residents that talked about the different residencies and meeting  the program directors are my three goals. Everyone talked about the programs and answered all the questions that I asked."

"Excellent networking, but residency application information felt a little too broad."

"Meet CHA representatives, networking opportunities."

"Well organized and informative. The panel discussion was best."

"Fabulous turnout, great marketing. Format which included networking, panel discussion and breakout groups based on interest was just right."

"The Showcase allowed medical students to have the opportunity to have questions answered that same day via live panel, panel members from a variety of programs and specialties.  It also allowed involvement of residents, fellows, and attendings, multiple program directors."

“The specialty group discussions were great because it allowed you personal time to talk to the people from the different institutions.”

“Networking opportunities were extremely helpful.  There are so many students applying and it is great to have a chance to show the program directors individually who you are and what you are about.”

“Meeting residents is always extremely helpful since they were in our shoes not too long ago and understand our concerns very well.”

"Having access to all the programs in one setting.  And all the people I spoke to were very approachable."

"It was great to get to interact with people that might be looking at your residency application, and people that have been in your boat recently."

“Opportunity to ask questions freely without the pressure during interviews”

"Small group discussions because it was a non-intimidating environment that allowed you to ask questions easily."

"Having representatives from each school that were willing to help you connect with the right person."