July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017
Inclusion programs for faculty, students, staff and trainees:
  • November 2016, "Taking a Sexual Health History" with LAHMS
  • November 2016, Postdoc networking event with presentation from Professor Sean Whelan, PhD
  • March 2017, Lunch and Learn with Assistant Professor Brittany Charlton, ScD on "Sexual Orientation Disparities in Reproductive Health"
  • March 2017, two-part series with Center for Primary Care on LGBT Health
  • April 2017, Assistant Professor Sari Reisner, ScD on “The Latest in Transgender Health Research”
  • This year, Human Resources sponsored three different LGBT workshops for staff plus the second annual work/life balance event with Jessica Halem
Community-building events for faculty, students, staff and trainees:
  • July 2016, Pride on the Quad
  • September 2016, LGBT and Allies Reception
  • October 2016, National Coming Out Day photo booth at Brigham and Women’s Hospital with Attorney General Maura Healey
  • November 2016, Mark Schuster, MD and Jessica Halem talked with LGBTQ undergrads at IvyQ conference about applying to medical school
  • December 2016, first-ever faculty, trainee and student holiday party hosted by John Dalrymple, MD and his husband at their home
  • March 2017, participated in Pan-Harvard meeting to discuss Harvard University-wide issues for LGBTQ community
  • March 2017, Fenway Dinner for Boston-area medical students
  • April 2017, represented HMS at Harvard College Take Back the Night 
Important LGBT Inclusion Milestones at HMS in 2016-2017:
  • Launched the HMS Terminology Guide with Center for Primary Care
  • Continued OutList outreach and updates
  • Catalyst funded LGBT research grants awarded to four projects
  • All-Gender Bathrooms launched all over Longwood Campus
  • Clinical Elective continues to build steam
  • There were 29 self-reported LGBT students admitted to HMS with 14 joining us
The LGBT Advisory Committee covered a wide-range of issues during their meetings:
  • Admissions and LGBTQ students
  • HMS Diversity Task Force
  • Inclusion presentations from affiliated hospitals
Highlights of building connections with others:
  • Harvard Alum Office for first-ever Women's Weekend
  • GSAS LGBT students and faculty
  • ORMA with prospective and admitted students
  • Managers Networking event with HR for DICP
  • January 2017, Jessica Halem and Jennifer Potter, MD presented to 100 LGBTQ women at the Tegan & Sara Foundation inaugural event in Los Angeles
  • Continue to work with other medical schools on LGBT curriculum questions like Yale, BU and Johns Hopkins
  • Title IX Officers throughout Harvard
Round-up of communications efforts for LGBT Inclusion at HMS:
  • AMA Journal of Ethics, November 2016: “How Should Physicians Refer When Referral Options Are Limited for Transgender Patients?”
  • INSIGHT into Diversity Cover Story May 2017: “Medical Schools Make Strides to Improve Inclusion of, Advocacy for LGBTQ Students” 
  • Curve Magazine May 2017: “Strong Women: The Future of Lesbian Health”

July 1, 2015 – June 30, 2016
The LGBT Office designs inclusion programs for educating faculty, students, staff and trainees:
  • In September, we presented "The Doctor is Out: A Conversation with Dr. Mark Schuster on Being a Gay Physician at Harvard" for the Harvard Longwood Campus Diversity Dialogue series.
  • In October, Ed Callahan, PhD presented an LGBT Lecture: "Using the EHR to Improve Quality of Care for LGBT Patients, Quality of Life for Others."
  • Together with LAHMS, we presented "LGBTQ on the Wards," a panel for first and second year students that included residents and advanced medical students in March.
  • In March, the LGBT Office provided training on "Creating an Inclusive Environment for Lesbian and Bisexual Women" to faculty, staff and leadership of The Gretchen S. and Edward A. Fish Center for Women’s Health at Brigham and Women's Hospital.
  • In April, Brigham and Women's Hospital and the LGBT Office co-sponsored a screening of the riveting States of Grace documentary for faculty, staff and students.
  • In April, Madina Agénor, ScD presented at our Lunch and Learn on her research "Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women's Health: Why Intersectionality Matters."
  • In May, the LGBT Office collaborated with Harvard Catalyst, the Williams Institute and Boston Children's Hospital on the ground-breaking symposium "LGBTQ Bullying: Translating Research to Action to Improve the Health of All Youth" which brought together researchers, clinicians, community members, and policy and school leaders.
  • In June, Alicia Oeser, Director of Harvard University's Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) presented "How to be an Advocate and Ally" to Harvard Longwood Campus staff.
The LGBT Office creates community-building events for faculty, students, staff and trainees:
  • In July, the Harvard Longwood Campus schools jointly kicked off the academic year with a jointly organized Pride on the Quad that brought out hundreds for sunshine, music and sno kones.
  • In August, LAHMS and the LGBT Office hosted Hollywood writer and HMS alum, Neal Baer, MD for an honest back-to-school discussion.
  • In September, we co-hosted with the Office of Recruitment and Multicultural Affairs (ORMA) the annual LGBT and Allies Reception for staff, faculty, students and trainees in the Waterhouse Room with speeches from Deans Flier and Frizzell.
  • In October, Harvard Alum LGBTQ Conference “What Should We Do After I Do” included a panel with five HMS faculty leaders to discuss the future of LGBT Health.
  • In October, Boston Children's Hospital's LGBT & Friends hosted Jessica Halem.
  • In January, an LGBT PhD Mixer was held by the LGBTQ PhD Group.
  • In May, The Diversity Dialogue series for Harvard Longwood Campus was "Trans 101" and featured faculty member Sari Reisner, ScD.
Important LGBT Inclusion Milestones at HMS in 2015-2016:
  • In February, LGBT Advisory Committee Member, Jennifer Potter, MD was appointed Advisory Dean and Director of the William B. Castle Society.
  • In October, HMS launched "Health Care for Individuals with Diverse Sexual Orientation, Gender Expression, and Sex Development: A Clinical and Scholarly Elective" co-directed by LGBT Advisory Committee Member, Robert Kitts, MD.
  • In November, the LGBT Office promoted easy to find Transgender Healthcare options for Harvard University employees during open-enrollment period.
  • The Bathrooms Task Force created new all-gender inclusive signage to be rolled out across the HMS campus in summer 2016.
The LGBT Advisory Committee covered a wide-range of issues during their meetings:
  • Tutorials on LGBTQ resources from AAMC's Axis Committee from Jennifer Potter, MD.
  • Transgender Health with Sari Reisner, ScD.
  • Harvard University Office of Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (OSAPR) presentation on LGBTQ issues in 2015 sexual conduct survey.
  • Presentations on LGBT Inclusion at affiliated hospitals with BIDMC, BWH, and MGH with more to be scheduled during 2016-2017.
Highlights of building connections with others:
  • The LGBT Office is a resource to others in academic medicine including: University of Illinois at Chicago, Washington University, Tulane University, University of Chicago, UNC School of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine, Mount Sinai, and Tufts.
  • Presented LGBT Inclusion efforts to human resources professionals at Workforce Live!
Round-up of communications efforts for LGBT Inclusion at HMS: