Leadership and Faculty Development Conference


Minority Faculty Development Program 25th Anniversary

Throughout the year the Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership commemorated the occasion of our 25th anniversary of the Minority Faculty Development Programs with a series of lectures, leadership forums and special sessions, culminating with the Leadership and Faculty Development Program Conference. Day one of this event featured a roster of guest speakers with a focus on diversity in education. Each shared their personal survive and thrive story, and elaborated on the progress we have made and the strides still ahead of us.



About the Leadership and Faculty Development Conference

Success in academic medicine requires today’s clinicians and researchers to be fully prepared as leaders and as scientists. The Leadership and Faculty Development Conference provides Harvard Medical School (HMS) junior faculty, clinical fellows, and research fellows with information and skills needed for professional and career advancement in academic medicine, and specifically advancement within the Harvard Medical School community.

Participants completing the Leadership and Faculty Development Conference sessions are positioned to understand the particular complexities and dynamics involved in exerting effective leadership from the hierarchical middle of organizations and be able to develop strategies for engaging, convening, and influencing others throughout organizations; to learn research methodologies and apply these tools and skills in conducting health disparities and related health policy research; and to learn and perform three vital behaviors (know your stuff, focus on the right stuff, build a reputation for being helpful) to become the go-to opinion leader.

The objectives of the conference are:

  • To provide junior minority health care professionals with career development training that addresses skills required for career advancement;
  • To expose minority health professionals, students, residents, staff and individuals from community agencies and organizations to health care issues impacting minority populations and to increase their knowledge and awareness of these issues;
  • To improve management capacity of healthcare organizations serving minority populations by engaging health care professionals in leadership and health policy training;
  • To provide on-going training to current and alumni minority health policy fellows, and
  • To improve the capacity of state, county and local health organizations to address minority health issues by preparing minority health leaders who can impact the infrastructure.


"Mixed Methods: A Synergistic Approach to Your Research"
Speaker: Sharlene Hesse-Biber, PhD

Professor of Sociology; Director, Women's & Gender Studies, Boston College
Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Panel: Health Policy and Health Services Research
Speakers: Amal Trivedi, MD, MPH
Assistant Professor of Health Services Policy and Practice, Brown University
Ryan David Kennedy, PhD, Research and Evaluation Specialist
Harvard Catalyst|The Harvard Clinical and Translational Science Center
Joel Weissman, PhD, Associate Professor of Health Policy, Harvard Medical School
Deputy Director/Chief Scientific Officer, Center for Surgery and Public Health, Brigham and Women's Hospital
Moderator: Emorcia Hill, PhD
Director of Research and Evaluation, Converge, Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership, Harvard Medical School
Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Co-sponsored by Harvard Medical School Office for Diversity Inclusion and Community Partnership, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Office for Academic Careers and Faculty Development, and Office of Multicultural Affairs \ Boston Children's Hospital Office of Faculty Development | Brigham and Women's Hospital Center for Faculty Development and Diversity, Office for Multicultural Faculty Careers | California Endowment Scholars in Health Policy at Harvard University | Cambridge Health Alliance Department of Medicine, Division of Minority Affairs | Dana-Farber Cancer Institute Office for Faculty Development | Dana-Farber / Harvard Cancer Center, Initiative to Eliminate Cancer Disparities | Harvard Catalyst / Program for Faculty Development and Diversity Inclusion, and Health Disparities Research Program | Harvard School of Dental Medicine Office for Diversity and Inclusion | Harvard School of Public Health, and Division of Policy Translation and Leadership Development | Harvard Medical School DICP Visiting Clerkship Program | Joseph L. Henry Oral Health Fellowship in Minority Health Policy | Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Diversity and Inclusion | McLean Hospital Office of the Chief Academic Officer | Mongan Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Minority Health Policy


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