California Endowment Scholars in Health Policy at Harvard University - Scholars Bios

2010 - 2011

Kimberly Cauley Narain, MD, PhD, MPH

Advanced Fellow
VA HSR & D Center of Innovation, Implementation & Policy
APHA, Committee on Women's Rights
Los, Angeles, CA



Monica Le, MD, MPH

Associate Medical Director, Office of Clinical Affairs, Commonwealth Medicine,
Center for Health Policy and Research, Quincy, MA



2006 - 2007

Preeta Chidambaran, MD, MPH

Senior Medical Officer, Chronic Care Policy Group,
CMS Medicare, Baltimore, MD



2005 - 2006

Esiquio Casillas, MD, MPH

Associate Medical Director,
Regal Medical Group, Los Angeles, CA



Katherine Elliott, PhD, MPH

Mental Health Policy Consultant,
Sacramento, CA



Kim Rhoads, MD, MS, MPH

Assistant Professor of Surgery, Director, Community Partnership Program,
Stanford Cancer Institutes, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA



Katherine Ruiz-Mellott, MD, MPH

Associate Medical Director; Staff Psychiatrist;
Chair, Committee on Education and Diversity,
Whittier Pavilion, Haverhill, MA


2004 - 2005

Barsam Kasravi, MD, MPH

Manager Medical Director, Division of State Sponsored Programs,
Wellpoint, Los Angeles, CA



Abraham Nobel, DDS, MPH

Community Dentist,
Los Angeles, CA



Richard Nunes, MD, MPH

Chief of Child Psychiatry, Mental Health Administration,
Santa Clara Valley Health & Hospital System, San Jose, CA



2003 - 2004

Yvette D. Marquis, DDS, MPH

Dentist, San Francisco Dental Office,
San Francisco, CA



Jeannie Tsai, MD, FAAEM, MPH

Physician, Presidio Laser Surgery,
San Francisco, CA



Wilson Wang, MD, MPH, MPA

Senior Technical Advisor,
Save the Children, Indonesia



2002 - 2003

Mas'ood Cajee, DDS, MPH

Dentist, Smiles Ahead Dental Care,
Manteca, CA



Muntu Davis, MD, MPH

Department Director and County Health Officer,
Alameda County Public Health Department, Oakland, CA



Amal Trivedi, MD, MPH

Associate Professor, Department of Health Services, Policy and Practice, Brown University;
Core Investigator, Providence VA Medical Center, Providence, RI